WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder F03 Review: NO MORE GETTING UP 4 AM!!!

Pet Care

By Paula Marc

We just received this WOPET F03 Automatic Pet Food Dispenser and were excited to see how our 8-month-old kitten would react to it. So we introduced him to the feeder while finishing up the recording of this video. At first, we were worried that it might scare him. But, as you can see from the video he took right to it and began eating. We couldn’t be happier since Taz likes to wake us up between 4 and 5 am to feed him!

By adjusting the number of portions, from 1 to 39 portions per meal (5g for 1 portion), this pet feeder allows you to provide your pet with a flexible amount of food up to 4 times a day. You just set the food amount on the control panel and this feeder automatically dispenses the correct amount at the time you set. Setting up a feeding schedule was very easy. It is great that we are able to quickly tailor his feedings to meet his growing needs. A fun feature is the built-in voice recorder and speaker. This allows you to record your voice for 10 seconds and call your pet for their meals.

To prevent pet food from clogging or overflowing the unit there is a built-in IR Detector. Just make sure that the size of the dry food does not exceed the recommended 1 cm3. To assure that your pet is always fed, there are two ways of power the feeder, power adaptor and 3 “D” cell, alkaline batteries (not included). Even if you choose to plug in your feeder, install the batteries. Having the batteries installed enables your feedings to continue even if there is a power outage.

Overall, we are very pleased with the quality and function of this WOPET F03 Automatic Pet Food Dispenser and will recommend it with confidence to our family and friends.

Material: High-quality ABS
Input: AC 100 to 240 V
Output: 5 V / 0.2 A
Capacity: 2.5L (around 2.5 pounds of dry food)
Feeding Times: 4 (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 4th meal)
Portion Control: 1-39 5g portions
Voice record: 10 second
Power Supply: batteries or adapter
Infrared Induction: To prevent the food spillage or jam
Programmable Timer: Feed your pet at scheduled times

Package Includes:
1*Automatic Pet Feeder
1*USB cable