How to amuse a cat?

Pet Care

How to entertain your cat? Funny tricks and funny games for cats!

Cats are often said to be independent and lazy. This is true to a certain extent, but do not forget that cats love to have fun too! And it’s so easy to entertain these little animals!

Here are some tips and activities to amuse your cat.

1. Make a feather toy to amuse your cat

To begin with, why not make a toy with feathers? This type of toy is very popular and fun for cats and kittens who want to have fun and spend energy. You need to:

  • 1 stick or just a stick
  • Feathers of different colors and lengths.
  • Rope and tie to fix feathers

This type of toy is ideal for entertaining and moving your cat home. To keep your kitten in shape it’s a great game. If you do not have time to make this little cat toy, 10 Trucs offer you a very popular model on Amazon. It is important to buy a quality pen game otherwise it may break quickly.

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2. Box and small toys to play cat

Another idea to play his cat and make him spend a lot of energy is the game of the box in which we place small toys and small figurines.

To make this fun cat toy just make holes on the top and sides of a cardboard box. It is important to make the holes big enough so that the cat can get the toys out of the box. You can put inside the box a little mouse, balls and other funny and funny little objects for cats.

3. A toy with catnip

Cat grass is known to grow and cats love to eat, but did you know that there are also catnip toys?

They are often small stuffed animals in which hides fresh catnip and which thanks to its smell guarantee hours of fun for cats.

Here is a soft toy in which we added catnip in a tube inserted inside the toy. The smell that will emerge will entertain a lot your cat or kitten. When the smell is less present we add catnip, quite simply.

4. Play ball with his cat

And why not just have fun with a cat? Simple and effective as a game for older cats as well as for little kittens.

You can use a ball that you already have at home or buy a ball in which you can insert cat food or a small bell to amuse even more and especially longer.

A ball circuit to amuse her cat

To entertain her cat even more did you know that there was a ball circuit to amuse cats and kittens? Your cat will spend long minutes pushing the ball with its paws and roll it from one end to the other. This is the perfect game if you want to know how to entertain a cat at home without having to always be with him.

5. A tunnel to amuse her cat

Tunnels are another good way to amuse a cat at a low price. Of course this type of game takes up more space in the house but in the end your cat will have fun like crazy in this tunnel.

He will be able to get out his head in the various places provided for this purpose and go shopping from the entrance to the exit … In short hours of pleasure for your little pet.