Guidelines and Tips for Storing Your Pets Food

Pet Care

It is not an easy task to find the right type of food for your pet and then purchasing it from the market. However, the more disappointing thing would be to see it turn rancid too soon. It would be waste of money and would also be a threat to your pet’s body and its health. Even the best of the food can develop mold or bacteria, go rancid, or get infested with rodents or insects. Therefore, you need to make sure that you store the food properly and in good condition to ensure its nutritional value remains constant and it is healthy for your pet.

Use bags for storing food

You can store the plastic bags and use them for the storage of your pet’s food. The bags can store the food for some time without letting it get spoiled. The bag in which you brought the food too can save it from turning rancid. Instead of pouring the food into a bowl or any other storage material, you can roll the top of the bag and use a clamp or a clip to keep it in that position and thereby tighten it later to store the food for future use. You can read more about these instructions provided on most food bags.

Storing canned food

If the canned food is of good quality and has been properly canned by the manufacturer, it could last for as long as five years. However, you must always take a note of the manufacturing and the expiry date mentioned on the can. If you have opened the can once, you can transfer the food to an airtight bag for future use. You can even refrigerate the food and maintain its nutritive properties.

Refrigerated food

Refrigerated food has now become popular and are available in many groceries as well as pet shops. This food is found in bags, rolls and small containers made of plastic. However, it is important that you always have a look at the expiry and the use before dates mentioned on the backside of the food to ensure that your pet does not consume anything unhealthy. It is necessary that you use the food within five days of opening the packet.

Storing open cans

The best method to store an open can would be using a metal or a plastic lid that would fit perfectly into the top of the can. This would prevent the loss of odor and assure that no moisture enters the can. A plastic wrap could also be used if a lid is not available. Your pet’s bowl must be finished within 5 hours of pouring the food into it. You may store the open can for 5-7 days in the refrigerator, but it should be stored for more than this time.


Purchasing good balanced and healthy food for your pet is important. However, what is more important is that you know how to store it well to make sure that food lasts longer and does not lose its nutritive properties. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above to store different kinds of food in a healthy manner.