Advantages and disadvantages of having a cat


Most people enjoy the company from animals and pets in our lives bring a great feeling of joy at large. While pets like cats are playful, affectionate, and comforting, they can as well do things that will irritate you big. Here are pros and cons you should know when having a cat:
# They are affectionate

Cats are among the loving pets around when they are in their mood. Stroking this pet has been proven to have a calming effect and also relieve us from stress. A purring curled up cat on your lap can turn you feel good than anything else.
# Cats are entertaining

It’s fun watching all through your cat and see the kind of strange positions they make whenever they need to relax. Cats are also playful at large. If you need extra fun from these pets, just let them have some catnip, they will start chasing everything that moves.
# Cat helps at managing pests

The primary reason humans domesticated these animals were to help at controlling populations of rodents. Many domestic cats still enjoy this thrill of the hunt; they still kill rodents, insects, and many small animals bout outside and inside our homes.


# Cats shed a lot

Cats’s hair can get anywhere, including but not limited to our clothes, countertops, furniture, carpet, and tables. An individual’s cleaning schedule requires much tweaking once you accept to adopt these pets.
# Their litter boxes leave out odor if not cleaned

The ca’s excrement and urine are very stinky. They use a litterbox also as their toilets, and no flushing is done to them. You should prepare to stay with this if you plan to stay with your pet. You need to ensure the litterbox is regularly cleaned. Depending on the habit of the cat you live with, those spending most of their time outside require less frequent changes in their litterboxes.
# Cats can claw furniture to shreds

Cats are fond of scratching their bodies often. There are cat owners who have gone an extent to get their pets scratching posts and many other different methods to let them avoid scratch the things that can be damaged. However, all this is in vain as they will still scratch stuff like furniture.
#Cats’ veterinary bills are high

In case your pet falls sick or even gets an injury, there is a need to call a vet to check up on their condition. Cat vet bills have been known over time, costing a lot to get the cat to stay in a better state.