The Top 5 Dogs That Are Best For Smaller Apartments


Living in a smaller apartment, if you think that you can’t have dogs as pets, then we’d like you to think again!

Some of you might look at dogs as these huge, grubby animals who tend to take the majority of the space in your house, keep running around and tear every couch apart. Well, honestly you will come across certain breeds that are like that; but then, you’ve also got those dogs who are really calm and absolutely love doing nothing other than lounging on their bed indoors with you.

If you’ve been living in an apartment that’s small in size, do not lose hope! Even you can be the pawfect parent to a cute pooch – all you need to do is look for the right dog breed and perhaps a little more space!

In order to help you out with just that, in this article we’ve put together the top 5 dog breeds that are by far the best pooch one could ever have when short on space. Perhaps, you’ll be able to find the right one for yourself and fall completely in love with him/her.


No matter whether it is an English or French Bulldog, this is one such breed that’s ideal for those who’re living in a smaller house. Since they aren’t so enthusiastic about things and simply love lazing around in the couch, Bulldogs make for the best pet not only for those who own a small apartment, but also for the ones who’re a little introvert.

Caring and loving, these dogs are very easy for you to take care of – all that’s required is a comfy bed, some grooming sessions (although, since they don’t have loads of fur, pet clippers won’t be needed much), healthy treats and your presence.

Sure, like every other breed, even bulldogs need regular exercise. Whilst they aren’t really hyperactive like Golden Retrievers, taking them out once or twice a day for a game of fetch or walks is enough to keep them in good shape. But be cautious during summers, as they tend to overheat real quick!


Just by the name of this dog breed, you can easily tell that they make for a perfect small house pet. A mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua, Chiweenies can easily fit anywhere – all thanks to their tiny body!

Nonetheless, you need to bear in mind that this breed of dog is a little difficult to train, as they’re really headstrong and may also experience ‘small dog syndrome’ if not trained properly.

High-spirited and low maintenance, Chiweenie is the best dog one can ask for, especially those who are short on space or don’t have the time to look after dogs that are huge in size. Remember, however, that these dog breeds find it difficult to get accustomed to children; so, if you’ve kids at home, better look for another dog.

Bassett Hound

A medium-sized dog, Bassett Hound can fit perfectly in a smaller flat. Normally very calm and quite, they’re the best if you live in a building that’s got thin walls – after all, nobody likes staying awake all night because of the barks of a dog.

Well, to ensure that your Bassett Hound is happy, all that you need to do is have regular exercise routines. Nothing excessive, however; a stroll in the nearby dog park or a half an hour walk would be enough – not to mention, all the extra dose of attention and belly rubs!


When talking about dog breeds that are perfect for a smaller house, how can we not mention Pugs. This dog breed is a bundle of joy and you’ll be more than happy to have one circling around you.

Just like Bulldogs, even pugs are low in energy, small in size and moreover, pretty easy to look after. However, the chances of them undergoing various health problems is high because of inbreeding.

At the end of it all, if you’re all okay with taking care of a four-legged buddy who can sleep straight for hours after running after his/her tail (brownie points if you record a video of it), then Pug is the ideal breed for you and your house.


A cross between a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, Morkie is, without a doubt, a goofball and a bundle of happiness. All credits to their tiny stature, they are the ideal pet for a smaller apartment.

Of course, even Morkies need a little bit of training, particularly when you’ve got kids running along with your furry buddy. But, they need it more, as it’s important for you to completely make sure that they’re showering every other member of your family with love!

So, now that you finally know which dog breeds make for the best pets when living in a small house, get going and bring home one of these balls of cuteness!