Make Your Dog Food Yourself


What! Preparing dog food at home! Is this a joke! Well, this is how most of you must be reacting right after reading the title of the article. Don’t get panicky. It is possible! Preparing quality dog food is not tough at all. However, little bit of planning is required. Go through the complete article to know about the balanced diet for your dog.

Balanced dog food diet

To provide your dog with healthy treats, go through the diet chart that can be served to your dog. Buying readymade dogs is not always enough. Natural supplements too are important.

  • Meat and other animal products

At least half of your dog’s diet should be filled with meat and related other animal products. Restricting the amount of meat may lead your dog to fall sick often. At the same time, excessive meat intake can make your dog obese.

  • Boneless meat

Including both red meat as well as poultry makes a good diet. There should be everything in a diet but limited. What red meat can do to a dog, poultry products alone cannot suffice it.

  • Fish

Fish is the complete storehouse of vitamin D. Foods like sardine packaged in water, pink salmon, and the like are good choice. Small amounts of fish should be included into the daily diet. The total amount of fish should not be more than one ounce per pound of other meats.

  • Organs

When speaking of organs, liver is the best suited for your dogs. Roughly, 5% of the diet should constitute animal organs, precisely liver. If you want more nutrition for your dog, choose beef liver. It is recommended that liver should be included in little amounts into the regular diet.

  • Eggs

Eggs, both for humans as well as animals, provide high amount of nutrition. Including eggs into the daily diet is a must. In fact, it is the nutrition of the eggs that make the fur of your dog look silky. If your dog weighs nearly 20 pounds, he or she can have a whole egg daily.

  • Diary

Most dogs prefer eating yogurt or kefir. If you notice your dog not liking it, shift to goat milk products. Ricotta or cottage cheese are highly recommended. Do not feed other forms of cheese as they have high fat content.


Hence, by now, you already know what to feed your dog. Therefore, there is no need to depend on readymade foods for dog.