How to know if my dog ​​is sad


No one likes to see their dog sad and that’s why, over all how we explain to you how to know if your dog is sad, so you know how to detect your dog’s mood and how to make him happy. Dogs are animals that like to play, run, and are in a happy mood. A dog illuminates the everyday with his cheerful nature and it is not common to see him sad. However, dogs are intelligent animals, which can detect when you are sad, happy or angry. In the same way, you will also have to be able to know the emotional state of your dog. Usually a dog is sad when changes occur in their environment. For example, it may be the death of a person or the arrival of a new person in your home. Dogs are members of the family and they perceive themselves as well. The changes affect them as well.

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Steps to follow:


Dogs get used to a routine and like to be surrounded by people they consider to be family members, the ones they live with. When changes occur in their environment, because of the behavior of their masters or for other reasons (moving, death of a person, arrival of a new pet, etc.), your dog may become sad.


Sometimes the problem can come from you, because you do not do well to take care of your dog. Some of these problems may be a lack of affection, if you do not dedicate enough time to your dog. It’s not just your dog showing you his love: show him that you love him. Likewise, if you do not meet his needs, such as playing with him, walking around, getting him to do the necessary exercise, or if you do not let him interact with other dogs, this can influence your dog’s behavior.


Other factors that can make your dog sad are the changes that occur in his environment. These changes are not necessarily bad, but your dog will have to get used to them. If you want to learn to recognize a sad dog, read the rest of the article.


Everyone knows or should know what is the normal behavior of his dog. Some may have a calmer nature and are less active. Thus, it can sometimes be difficult to know if your dog is sad if his normal behavior looks like sadness. In addition, sadness can easily be confused with boredom or fatigue. However, the signs that will tell you that your dog is sad are:

Less active behavior. If you see that your dog is soft, it may be an indication that he is sad.

A sad dog without appetite. If you have a dog, you certainly know that he loves to eat. In fact, you might think he would eat all day if it depended on him. A dog without appetite can be a sign that something is wrong.

Your dog is not going to meet other dogs. Dogs are very sociable and love to play with other animals of the same species. If your dog is used to interacting easily with other dogs and you notice that he is much less receptive, you may suspect that something is wrong.

Unusual behavior. If you find that your dog is crying and moaning for no apparent reason, it may indicate that he is sad.

Your dog is less affectionate. Dogs are generally very affectionate and they show you well. Therefore, another sign that may indicate that your dog is sad is if he shows little affection with his masters.


Now that you’ve read “How to tell if my dog ​​is sad,” if you think your dog is sad, you’ll need to take action to make your dog feel better. Here are some tips for your dog to be happy again.

The first step is to take your dog to the vet. You wonder why? The answer is that your dog may be sad because of an injury or illness that you cannot see.

If your dog is sad because of a move, you will have to let him discover his new home. Play with him and put his bed in a comfortable place, it can help. You will also have him take a walk so that he can get acquainted with his new neighborhood. Over time, your dog will have to get used to it.

If your dog no longer binds to other dogs because of the loss of a canine companion, the most effective method is to introduce him gradually to other dogs to renew links. Another solution is to take another dog in the family.

In any case, it is important to spend time with your dog, especially if you find that he is sad. A good solution would be to organize an excursion or go play in the park with him.